The School

Chavagnes International College is a boys’ Catholic boarding school in France, based on the English classical education tradition. Founded 1802, refounded 2002.

Chavagnes is committed to a broad education, alongside a flourishing programme of sport, arts and choral music. Echoing late medieval collegiate life, boys and teachers pray, eat, work and study together. We have a strong record of exam results and university entrance, including to Oxford, Cambridge and leading French, Spanish and American universities.

Chavagnes International College is located in the west of France, just south of Nantes and near the town of Montaigu. It has been successively the site of a Roman villa, a thirteenth century monastery, and then a junior seminary, founded in 1802, a few short years after the terrible massacres of Catholics throughout the Vendée region.

We joyfully accept the authentic vision of Catholic education as taught by the Magisterium of the Church; this is a model of education where the Faith permeates and informs our approach to every subject in the curriculum. It is the kind of education that imparts a world view, in other words, a classical education. Here, Christ is the model for teachers and pupils alike. How could a traditional Christian education do anything else?

We invite you to look through the Chavagnes Prospectus for more information, or get in touch through ; we will be very happy to hear from you and provide any further details that you need.

Chavagnes International College is an ‘Association de la loi de 1901′, a French non-profit organisation.



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