Chavagnes International College is unique in many ways. First of all, it is an English-speaking school, very similar and style and traditions to English private education on the other side of the channel, and yet situated in rural France near the city of Nantes.  Another key feature of Chavagnes is that it combines an 11-18 boys boarding school with a Liberal Arts study centre offering BA and MA degrees.  Together with the Masters at Chavagnes, students at the “Studium” (Chavagnes’ own university college) help to form a real academic power-house that sets the scene for cultural enrichment and academic success for the boys in the 11-18 school.

Over the years, boys leaving Chavagnes at 18 have gone on to a growing list of top international universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.  Chavagnes alumni are no to be found in many different professions, including politics, the law, medicine, teaching and also in the priesthood.

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