The last few months have forced us all to change our routines significantly. For many, including you, I hope it has also been an opportunity to spend more time with family, on hobbies, catching up on that ever-growing ‘to read’ list of books and, importantly, on spiritual life.

For schools, it has been a time to trial new teaching methods, and for students to exercise greater independence. We, unlike many schools in France, the UK and farther afield, have been running online lessons for most subjects. Our boys have been submitting digital copies of their work, developing their email etiquette, and exercising resilience in accessing their lessons. We have all developed our expertise in distance and online education.

Now, we wish to share it with you. We are (metaphorically) knocking through our physical walls to share this method with others. In September 2020, we will begin our online tutoring initiative for GCSE-level subjects. We will be delivering a blend of online teaching, distance education and virtual tutoring to small classes.

Our experience in-school and online has been tailored to support your home-educated pupils to achieve their best in their GCSEs, and open up paths to new friendships, adventures, French immersion programmes and study camps.

Please contact our Deputy Headmaster, Mr. Patrick Long (, for more information about the courses, delivery and costs.

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