In a good school everyone learns every day. In our small school, 7 teachers are currently reading for further university degrees through disance learning while all other teaching staff will complete various short courses and certificates this year.

Here are some quotes from what these two are reading …

“Community matters. It is a force for profound good.”

“Western culture is a gift handed to us, and that it forms the fundamental blocks of the society where we live today.”

“As teachers, we are the custodians of our culture. It is our duty to ensure that it is passed on to the next generation.”

“By teaching our pupils to be grateful, we guide them to lead more gratifying lives. Humility and gratitude are essential components in living a happy, satisfying life.”

“For millennia, humanity has built up, discovered, composed, and constructed beautiful and elegant knowledge, be it in the form of poetry, literature, scientific theories, mathematical proofs, symphonies, or works of art. The goal of a curriculum is to curate the outcomes of this human endeavour so that our pupils can marvel at, understand, and appreciate these pinnacles of human achievement. Let’s not take that away from our pupils.”

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