A Community of faith, educating leaders for tomorrow…

Why do teachers, parents and students choose Chavagnes?

The answer is that we feel that our culture is at a crossroads: the choice is between a culture of life and a culture of death; and the young people of today are those who will ensure that future generations will respond to the challenge of reclaiming our civilisation for Christ.

In our College, we proudly accept the authentic vision of Catholic education as taught by the Magisterium and Tradition of the Church. Faith permeates and informs our approach to every subject in the curriculum.  Our approach resolves many of the problems that surround the formation of young people in our day, by rekindling the spirit of love and service that used to characterise education, and particularly Catholic education.

To this end, boys and Masters pray together each day at daily Mass, offered in the extraordinary form (the Traditional Latin Mass), often with Gregorian chant and beautiful hymns sung by the pupils themselves.  Boys also enjoy serving at Mass and other services. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available after evening prayer or by appointment. Rosary and Benediction are prayed in the Chapel on the weekends, and several boys have been baptised or received into the Church here.  Confirmations are available at least every other year.

We like to participate in the annual Paris to Chartres pilgrimage. Every few years there are also pilgrimage trips organised to Lourdes, Santiago de Compostella and similar places.

In a spirit of service to others, the pupils are engaged in various community projectssuc as raising money for charity and visiting the eldery in local old peoples homes.


Several of the teachers at Chavagnes are Fellows of the Company of St Gregory, a canonically approved community of men who promise to serve the Church a year at a time through the life of a Christian schoolmaster, leading the boys by an example of prayer and dedication.

In Chavagnes, Christ is the model for teachers and pupils alike. How could a traditional Christian education do anything else?  Chavagnes International College is not just a school; it is a real community of faith, striving for excellence for the sake of Christ and his Church.

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