Pastoral care

Spiritual development

As a Catholic college, we expect all our pupils to participate in the liturgical life of the College community. The celebration of daily Mass is the source and summit of the Church’s prayer, and so it is at the centre of our life as a school. We encourage each boy to regard those other times of prayer left optional, as privileged opportunities rather than as convenient escapes.

Regular visits to the local shrines of Our Lady in Chavagnes, as well as to Lourdes and further afield reinforce spiritual activities within the school. Boys participate in the annual 100 km traditional pilgrimage from Paris to Chartres with thousands of young French boys and girls over the weekend of Pentecost.

With personal prayer, as with Confession, pupils are expected to exercise a certain level of maturity. All boys are encouraged to go to Confession regularly, especially before major feasts.

Guidance and counselling

Of course, in adolescence, many young people experience a time of questioning and difficulty. In a supportive and loving school environment, these difficulties are faced squarely on an individual level, in a spirit of compassion and understanding. A resident priest is available to speak to boys, and at least one other nominated member of staff with counselling training is available for advice and help.

Boys maintain a close relationship with their House Master and are encouraged to confide in him if there is anything worrying them. For the younger boys, especially, the school’s Matron is also an important source of help and support, especially during the occasional bout of homesickness.

In addition, each pupil is assigned a personal tutor who will meet with him on a regular basis to assess his academic work and to offer support and advice with regard to the curriculum.

The Careers Master has specific responsibility for careers guidance, and will provide pupils with full information about university and vocational courses and assist them in preparing for interviews.

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