Music is a human activity that transcends national and cultural barriers, and it is therefore a particularly appropriate focus for an international school. As Catholics, we have the additional privilege of being able, through our worship, to participate in the prayer of the whole Church, in heaven and on earth, and in this, choral music plays an important part.

It is the role of the Choir to enrich and deepen our participation in the Sacred Mysteries through its performance of the best choral music it can offer, drawn from the Church’s rich, cultural patrimony. In singing the praise of God, the Choir can be a genuine channel of graces for the school community. It also helps to form all pupils and staff in the ‘school of the liturgy’, helping them to live the joyful message of the Mass and of the Divine Office – a message of sacrifice and praise that enlightens all parts of our life.

The Choir regularly gives concerts and has a busy programme of carol-singing for the sick and elderly in the advent season. It has enjoyed international tours to Sweden, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, England and Wales, as well as around France, recorded three CDs and appeared on UK and French TV and radio. In 2012, the Choir sang in the Vatican and at the Pontifical Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

In relation to academic work, singing in choir also has a special role to play: it deepens our appreciation for the study of music, it introduces us to Latin and other languages, it develops mathematical ability and it improves our concentration. It is also an exercise in teamwork.

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