Junior School (Cambridge Secondary 1)

Years 7, 8 and 9
Religion, Art, English, French, Latin, Spanish, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, Science. In Year 9 only: ICT, Ancient Greek.
All subjects except and French are mainly taught in English. Boys receive intensive English/French tuition with the aim of achieving ‘survival level’ before Christmas and basic fluency by the end of their first year.
Boys from Years 7, 8 and 9 participate in the UK Maths Challenge and are also involved in the internationally acclaimed Mathletics programme. They may also be entered for various Associated Board examinations for instrumental and vocal music as well as for music theory.

Full details of the syllabus for each subject at this stage are available at our curriculum development blog.


Senior School (Cambridge Secondary 2)

Years 10-11
Core subjects: Religion, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Language, English Literature, French, History, Mathematics.
Options: Music, Spanish, German, Latin, Ancient Greek, Art.
Note: Capable students sit their Mathematics I.G.S.C.E. early, leading on to the Additional Mathematics exam in year 11. Early entry for examinations is common in other subjects too, particularly languages. The College is able to adapt its timetabling to suit particularly gifted students who need the challenge of public examinations in Years 9 or 10.

French pupils may sit the Brevet des Collèges (Série Individuelle) at the end of Year 10. Although our programme of study is not identical to the French 3ème, we have presented candidates every year for the last six years and have a 100% success rate. Tailored additional support is offered for such candidates in Mathematics, Science and French.

Full details of the syllabus for each subject at this stage are available at our curriculum development blog.

VIth Form (Cambridge Advanced)

Years 12-13

At G.C.E. A-level, students will study 3, 4 or 5 subjects and will be expected to attend Religion and General Culture classes. The A-level subjects are subject to demand and availability. Currently, all subjects taught at GCSE are also available at A-level. In addition, Philosophy A-level (for the AQA examination) is taken by most students and the class is also open to those who do not intend to sit the examination. 

In September 2011 we will be offering AS-level Computing for the first time. It is likely that the choice of A-level subjects might expand further in the future.
We are expecting to offer the following subjects at AS and A-level for those entering Sixth Form in September 2011:

Philosophy, Religious Studies, English Literature, English Language, French, Spanish, German, History, Latin, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computing.

Full details of the syllabus for each subject at this stage are available at our curriculum development blog.

From ages 14-18, Chavagnes mainly follows the syllabuses of the University of Cambridge International Examinations, but we use the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance for some subjects. All of these diplomas are approved by the UK government and internationally recognised.

The final Advanced Award diploma in a range of a subjects is recognised as a matriculation for university entrance in all member states of the European Community and other signatories to the Bologna Declaration. It is possible to obtain a certificate from the Education Ministry of your home country, attesting to equivalency with the French baccalauréat, German Abitur, Spanish Bachilerato, etc.

Since our opening in 2002, 100% of leavers who have completed their secondary education at Chavagnes have secured university places.

Check here for some university destinations of Chavagnes alumni.


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